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 Augment weapons (Adding life stone to weapons)

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Augment weapons (Adding life stone to weapons) Empty
PostSubject: Augment weapons (Adding life stone to weapons)   Augment weapons (Adding life stone to weapons) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 12:28 am

Adding an Augmentation

To augment your weapon you will need the Life Stone of appropriate level and gemstones. Then go to a blacksmith in town and he will do the trick. The outcome is random so you don't know what addition you will get and after that the weapon cannot be traded/dropped any more. But if it's a high grade stone it will give glow to the weapon - looks fancy.

Here is how it goes:
1. Get the items needed - the weapon for sure, life stone and gemstones (you can find out how many you need by starting a refinement without it, dragging the weapon and life stone, and it'll tell you how many you need.)
2. Talk to blacksmith in town and pick "augment item" from his list.
3. Drag the weapon, gems and life stones to the marked slots from your inventory.
4. Press "augment".

Augmentation Text Color

There are four color ranges of text that correlate with the quality of the augmentation and the glow effect. So far there has been no connection between the quality of the stone itself (Normal, Mid-Grade, High-Grade, and Top-Grade) and their attributes. It could simply be as simple as what group of skills you receive.

Color Quality Info Skill
Yellow Very-low quality augmentation, Minimal bonuses Stat modifier only
Blue Low-quality augmentation, Minimal bonuses and possible activated skill and Stat Modifiers and Chance Skills
Purple Mid-quality augmentation, good bonuses and possible glow Stat Modifiers, Chance Skills, Active Skills
Red Highest-quality augmentations. Good bonuses, and definite glow Stat Modifiers, Chance Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills

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Augment weapons (Adding life stone to weapons)
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